Staff Birthday Party│Warmth of the year

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The years change, time flows, time will always leave the right people around, today the company’s staff birthday party activities as promised, wish the birthday girl happy birthday, thank you for accompanying the company all the way, wish you the future days, happy, happy, happy and healthy.

Each staff birthday party is a ritual for each employee, a bridge of team unity and friendship. We met in this wonderful years, there are joy, laughter, touching, tears, success, accumulated into a film of struggle growth that only belongs to us. Thanks for the time to leave the right people, thanks for all the encounters and companionship, thanks for having you all, all the way together, and never forget the original intention.

Maxclean has been committed to building a warm and harmonious family with tolerance and dedication, and strives to create a relaxed and harmonious working atmosphere so that Maxclean employees can feel the infinite love and sense of belonging from Maxclean’s big family after work. And every elaborate birthday party is filled with the company’s care for the employees, as well as the thanks and affirmation for the long-time efforts of the employees.

We wish everyone a happy birthday and wish Maxclean a better tomorrow!

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