Customize Your Packaging

Maxclean Provide OEM Service

Maxclean has its own brand packaging, also arranges intermediate or non-printing packaging for distributors, so that distributors can protect their own interests. Maxclean can OEM for customers, and can print packaging bags and outer boxes in colour or monochrome. With the appropriate MOQ, to assist the development of the customer’s own brand.

Pre-sale and after-sale service

Maxclean helps you with the entire procurement process

Both Maxclean and our customers have high quality damand, so before the order, we always provide test samples first, and then accept the order after confirming the quality meets the requirements. All of our products have their own specifications, MSDS/test reports and other documents. Of course, customer also can request a test report.

Cooperation method

How to Cooperate with maxclean

Generally speaking, foreign customers cooperate in the form of deposit/final payment or full payment in advance, which should be determined according to the needs of different customers, cooperation period, order frequency, and order amount. Full payment must be made for Ex-work terms. For FOB delivery, Maxclean will communicate with the designated forwarder in advance about the availability of goods and delivery time, and try to match the customer’s shipping schedule. For CIF delivery, it will be based on the customer According to the order quantity, volume and weight, find the most suitable and mutually acceptable freight forwarder to cooperate to protect the interests of both parties and deliver the goods safely to the designated port.

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