Alarm bells are always ringing, preventing security risks before they occur

Maxclean (Wuxi) Technology Co., Ltd. held an electric shock emergency drill and an elevator trapped drill In order to improve the safety awareness of all employees and enhance the ability of emergency rescue and self-prevention of accidents, on the afternoon of June 24, 2022, Maxclean (Wuxi) Technology Co., Ltd. organized an electric shock emergency drill and an elevator trapped emergency drill. “Mr. Jiang, someone was injured by electric shock in the film blowing workshop on the second floor of Building A, please ask for help…” On the afternoon of June 24, Maxclean (Wuxi) Technology Co., Ltd. carried out an emergency

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Employee birthday party in June|Thank you for having you in the busy time

In order to promote the company’s culture, in the spirit of people-oriented, let employees feel the warmth of the Maxclean family, and affirm and express gratitude to the employees for their long-term hard work. The company holds a birthday party for employees who have birthdays in June. Let everyone experience, bless, weave together, and share this special day together. The chairman of the company, Mr. Wang, and the employees whose birthday is in the month gathered together to celebrate Music, birthday cakes, birthday cards, and a dazzling array of food decorate the venue sweetly and warmly A simple and warm

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Maxclean conducts fire emergency drill

In order to further implement fire responsibilities, prevent safety risks, strengthen employees’ awareness of fire safety, and improve fire prevention and control capabilities and emergency response capabilities, on the morning of June 16th, Maxclean (Wuxi) Technology Co., Ltd. carried out fire emergency drills. Before the drill started, the fire teacher explained in detail the common fire extinguisher usage methods, the causes of fire formation, alarm methods, initial fire fighting, fire escape and self-rescue methods for all employees participating in the drill. In the next exercise, under the guidance of the fire teacher, the employees quickly extinguished the oil basin fire

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Donate with love to fight the epidemic

On April 28, Maxclean (Wuxi) Technology Co., Ltd. donated epidemic prevention materials to Konggang (Shuofang) Street, Xinwu District, Wuxi city, to provide strong support for frontline workers in epidemic prevention and control, and demonstrate corporate social responsibility with responsibility and actions.   Maxclean thought that it was deeply moved that the front-line personnel stuck to their posts, bravely went against the tide and always fought on the front line against the epidemic.  As a company, at the critical moment of epidemic prevention and control, it is also the juncture for enterprises to assume and fulfill their social responsibilities,and hope that we can contribute to the epidemic

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MAXCLEAN donates to help fight against COVID-19

As the outbreak of the war ‘novel Coronavirus’, the whole society has been concerned.   Wang Yu, the head of Maxclean company, had taken active actions to do the contribution about epidemic prevention. Regarded it as responsibility of the company to society. We donated supplies to the third Community of NanxingYuan in August 2021, to Shuofang Gangbusters in February 2022. Also, the recipients expressed their heartfelt thanks. All of us had strong persuasion of “work together to tide over difficulties” and the confidence of win the battle against the epidemic. Wang Yu, head of the company, said we should salute the frontline anti-epidemic workers, and everyone is responsible for fighting the epidemic, we’d do what we can in this special period.

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