May & June Employee Birthday Party

It is half summer, the beautiful day is long, farewell to the gentle spring breeze, is about to usher in the hot summer, June 1 noon, Maxclen May & June staff birthday party warm to send the hottest blessings for the birthday. Along with the song “Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday ……” The whole birthday party was full of happiness and warmth, and the kids blew out the candles and ate the cake together …… We hope we can work hard and grow together in the Maxclean family! The beautiful moment of birthday party not only enhances the understanding between small

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April Staff Birthday Party|April Fragrance For You

There is a kind of care, moist and silent, always quietly soak into the heart, must be a special fate, can come all the way. April we ushered in the birthday party as scheduled, each carefully prepared birthday party, is the company’s thanks and affirmation of the staff’s efforts to enhance the sense of belonging, enhance team cohesion. May every employee be able to ride the wave and create a better life and social value in Maxclean! On April 24, we welcomed the birthday party of April staff, we released love with joy, thanked the company with laughter, and enjoyed

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Birthday Party in March | Spring Blossoms for You

On March 20, everything was revived, and the breeze was warm. On this vibrant day, Maxclean held a collective birthday party for March employees. Life needs a sense of ritual, and every birthday is worth commemorating. The collective birthday of singing birthday songs and making wishes together with our partners who struggle together by candlelight is worth remembering forever …… Thanks for all the encounters and warmth in March. In the coming days, may we all work together and live up to our reputation!

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“March 8” Women’s Day – Dedicated to the most beautiful you

Spring is in full swing in March, and it’s the annual March 8 Women’s Day when the spring is bright. In order to let all female workers spend a happy holiday, Maxclean has prepared warm holiday gifts for all female workers. Let female employees fully feel the care of the company’s family and spend a wonderful holiday full of love and warmth. The company’s caring staff’s fistful of love and warmth warmed every employee, which not only enhanced the staff’s sense of belonging, but also inspired everyone’s infinite enthusiasm of love and dedication to work, and made the company form

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Staff Birthday Party│Warmth of the year

The years change, time flows, time will always leave the right people around, today the company’s staff birthday party activities as promised, wish the birthday girl happy birthday, thank you for accompanying the company all the way, wish you the future days, happy, happy, happy and healthy. Each staff birthday party is a ritual for each employee, a bridge of team unity and friendship. We met in this wonderful years, there are joy, laughter, touching, tears, success, accumulated into a film of struggle growth that only belongs to us. Thanks for the time to leave the right people, thanks for

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It’s a new year. Everything’s off to a great start

After a joyful, peaceful and relaxing Spring Festival holiday, all Maxclean employees returned to work again and gathered in this joyful and festive moment. At 8:28 a.m., firecrackers were lit in the company square to celebrate the start of work. As the saying goes, the plan of the year lies in the spring, which is a new beginning, a new starting point. In this new year, all Maxclean staff will devote themselves to their work with more enthusiasm and more solid style, and make a good start for the work in the new year. We will provide more comprehensive and

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