May & June Employee Birthday Party

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It is half summer, the beautiful day is long, farewell to the gentle spring breeze, is about to usher in the hot summer, June 1 noon, Maxclen May & June staff birthday party warm to send the hottest blessings for the birthday.

Along with the song “Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday ……” The whole birthday party was full of happiness and warmth, and the kids blew out the candles and ate the cake together …… We hope we can work hard and grow together in the Maxclean family!

The beautiful moment of birthday party not only enhances the understanding between small partners, but also brings laughter to everyone. This Maxclean May&June staff birthday party ended successfully in the sound of everyone’s joy, each birthday party not only celebrates the birthday blessing for small partners, but also provides a platform for everyone to communicate and exchange, further enhancing the sense of belonging. Finally, we wish everyone to become a better version of themselves by living up to every drop of sweat that is waved in the summer that is getting closer and closer. Become a better version of yourself.

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