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Maxclean factory has been established for over 35 years, is the enterprise professionally manufacturing and designing a wide range of cleanroom. It covers an area of over 550,280 square meters, have a full set of production system from researching & developing, materials purchasing, producing, inspection, products packaging and exporting.

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High Standard

Maxclean believes that no inferior products are allowed in the cleanroom consumables product industry. Therefore, we have implemented extremely high standards for all our products. Before our products enter the market, we will continue to test and inspect the products. Only in this way can we dare to say that we are the industry benchmark. Contact us to know more.

Step-by-Step QC

All of Maxclean’s cleanroom consumable product is designed to provide ultimate perfection, but not always perfect, because each product involves multiple production links. In order to ensure that the products received by our customers are perfect, we use a strict QC system to thoroughly inspect the products. We strictly control every aspect of the product.


Our products have passed the international standard quality system certification. Maxclean set product quality as our eternal core. We are one of the leading manufacturers of cleanroom consumables product, you can find in semiconductors, hard disks, optics, TFT-LCD, electronics, biotech pharmaceutics, food processing, medical, PCB and other industriesl throughout the world. 

Supply Chain Details

Lower Prices

Maxclean offers a wide range of cleanroom consumables product. We do not only offer those products at an affordable range, but also strives to be your one-stop supply chain solution provider. We provide solutions at the fingertips. The wholesale pricing is exclusively low with good quality. Sounds too good to be true? Work with us to find out more by yourself.

One-Stop OEM Solution

Whether you are out of aesthetic or branding considerations, we quite understand that you have a variety of customized needs on product packaging. We understand such needs and provide you with a one-stop OEM solution to meet all your needs.

Maxclean has its own brand packaging, and also arranges intermediate or non-printing packaging for distributors, so that distributors can protect their own interests. The company can OEM for customers, and can print packaging bags and outer boxes in color or monochrome. With the appropriate MOQ, to assist the development of the customer’s own brand.

Research & Development

Maxclean established an in-house research and development team that specializes in analyzing cleanroom market. Compared with other cleanroom consumable supplier brands on the market, we ensure that the cleanroom consumable products we produce are top-notch. The R&D team works with our users to determine the most popular and needed products on the market.

Our team also specializes in finding products that are in high demand. Work closely with users to fully understand their suggestions and needs. Then, help them develop this new product to the market, thereby greatly improving the cleanroom efficiency.

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