MAXCLEAN donates to help fight against COVID-19

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As the outbreak of the war ‘novel Coronavirus’, the whole society has been concerned.   Wang Yu, the head of Maxclean company, had taken active actions to do the contribution about epidemic prevention. Regarded it as responsibility of the company to society.

We donated supplies to the third Community of NanxingYuan in August 2021, to Shuofang Gangbusters in February 2022. Also, the recipients expressed their heartfelt thanks. All of us had strong persuasion of “work together to tide over difficulties” and the confidence of win the battle against the epidemic.

Wang Yu, head of the company, said we should salute the frontline anti-epidemic workers, and everyone is responsible for fighting the epidemic, we’d do what we can in this special period. Maxlean would actively assume social responsibilities and warm others with practical actions. We believe that with the joint efforts of the government, enterprises and the public, we can overcome every difficulty and win the battle of epidemic prevention.

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