April Staff Birthday Party|April Fragrance For You

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There is a kind of care, moist and silent, always quietly soak into the heart, must be a special fate, can come all the way. April we ushered in the birthday party as scheduled, each carefully prepared birthday party, is the company’s thanks and affirmation of the staff’s efforts to enhance the sense of belonging, enhance team cohesion. May every employee be able to ride the wave and create a better life and social value in Maxclean!

On April 24, we welcomed the birthday party of April staff, we released love with joy, thanked the company with laughter, and enjoyed the happy time belonging to ourselves. In the delicious and tempting cake and birthday song, we shared the birthday cake, deep love is not as long as companionship, love needs no words, we will continue to walk together in the future to build a team with love, full of centripetal force and cohesion, wishing the birthday stars in April a happy birthday! Maxclean has always been committed to creating a warm, harmonious and accommodating family and strives to create a relaxed and harmonious working atmosphere so that employees can feel the infinite love and sense of belonging from the Maxclean family after work. Every elaborate birthday party is an expression of the company’s care for its employees and its appreciation and recognition of their long-standing efforts.

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