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Our Factory is an ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14004:2004 certified hi-tech enterprise, has been actively engaged in the manufacturing and distribution of Cleanroom Consumables for Semi-Conductor…

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Sep 1, 2014
2014 Mid Autumn Festival

Once a year the Mid Autumn Festival is approaching, we wish all the staff and their families a happy holiday, family reunion, the Mid Autumn Festival is held out giftsin…

Aug 1, 2013
Summer Fire-drill in 2013

The summer sun always shines fiercely and the weather is very hot, which makes everything dried out. This period in summer is frequent accident period of fire-fighting security. In order…

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Welcome to MAXCLEAN

MAXCLEAN is at the leading edge of cleanroom and contamination control industry. Since its establishment in 1986, MAXCLEAN has been maximizing the cleanroom levels for critical manufacturing environment in semiconductors, hard disks, optics, TFT-LCD, electronics, biotech pharmaceutics, food processing and other industries. Through years of extensive experience, we have built up a solid foundation to sustain our growth. We provide a complete selection of contamination control supplies and critical cleaning products, specializing in wipers, swabs, facemasks, LDPE & HDPE bags, sticky mats.

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