Sticky Roller

sticky Roller

Each sticky roller is composed of polyethylene films coated with water-based adhesive. They are fast, efficient, and easy-touse.

All units can be fit into an accessory of a reusable, non-contaminating plastic roller handle. The standard core diameter sizes are designed to allow maximum efficiency to clean wide and narrow areas with less frequent sheet disposal.

Industries of Application

  • Electronics
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Hospitals
  • Medical devices
  • Computer
  • Semi-conductors
  • Laser optics
  • Medical offices
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Laboratories
  • Instrumentation

Special Features

  • Strong, non-toxic adhesive coating
  • Especially formulated water-based adhesive treated with anti-microbial agent
  • Easy sheet removal
  • Specially designed to efficiently clean hard to reach areas
  • For cleanroom and general use

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