Sticky Mat

sticky mats

Each sticky mat is composed of multiple layers of polyethylene films coated with custom high adhesive, laminated into 30 layers. When the top layer becomes sufficiently soiled, simply peel it off for the next clean layer. The water-based adhesive, which has a pH level of 7, does not contain benzoic acid.

Industries of application

  • Electronics
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Hospitals
  • Medical devices
  • Domestic
  • Semiconductors
  • Laser optics
  • Construction site
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Laboratories

Special Features

  • Strong non-toxic adhesive coating
  • Uniform adhesion for each layer
  • Anti-microbial property
  • Numbered corner pull-tabs indicating number of remaining layers
  • Standardized and customized sizes and colors
  • Suitable for both cleanroom and general applications

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