pre-wet cleanroom wiper

pre-wet cleanroom wiper

Our wipes are laundered and packed in Maxclean state-of-the-art Class 10 cleanroom. Adding semiconductor grade IPA/D water solution, provides super low sontamination on economical price

Product Features

  • Material:100% polyester/microfiber-cellulose
  • Pre-wetted with accurately diluted, measurad volumes of semiconductor-grade IPA/deionized water solution Laser/Ultrasonic/Cool sealed edge
  • Packaged in inner convenient, re-sealable solvent safe pouch. Double bag packaging
  • Gamma Irradiation with minimum dose of 25KGy to provise a Sterility Assurance Level (SAL) of 10-6


  • Good for wiping in pharmaceutics, medical device, biotechnology lab, LCD. Microelectronics, semiconductor products or in PCB manufacturing process
  • Wipe down of articles to be passed or carried into cleanrooms. Precess chamber wipe downs in semiconductor processing
  • Cleaning production equipment and environmental surfaces for reduction of particulate contamination
  • ISO 4 or 5 cleanroom construction protocols

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