Konggang Jingkai 지구 화재 인식의 달

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This year’s November 9 is China’s 31st Fire Prevention Day, the morning of November 8, Airport Economic Development Zone (Shuofang Street) joint Xinwu District Fire Brigade into the Maxicorin Park to carry out a “grasp fire safety, ensure high-quality development” as the theme of the fire emergency rescue drills.

Xinwu District Fire Rescue Brigade Staff Officer Li Jianhui, Konggang Jingkai District Deputy Secretary of the Party Working Committee, Shuofang Street Deputy Secretary of the Party Working Committee Lu Bin attended the event and spoke, the event was hosted by Konggang Jingkai District (Shuofang Street) Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau Director Wang Yaolei. Airport Economic Development Zone (Shuofang street) communities (preparatory group) and relevant departments line responsible, directly under the unit, in the district institutions and key business representatives to participate in the activities.

Enterprises should consciously comply with fire laws and regulations, the implementation of the main responsibility system of fire safety according to law, adhere to the safety of self-examination, hidden dangers since the removal, responsibility. Strictly standardize the implementation of the unit fire safety management system, clear job fire safety responsibilities, the fulfillment of citizens' fire obligations, effective prevention and resolution of various types of fire risks. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

Li Jianhui

 Lu Bin pointed out the following key points

The activity arranged escape drills in the park and organized fire-fighting drills for employees, aiming to let employees master the necessary fire safety knowledge and skills and be familiar with the correct use of various fire-fighting equipment, so as to further improve employees’ fire safety awareness and enhance the park’s fire emergency handling capability.

The activity also organized the viewing of fire safety propaganda film and distributed fire prevention propaganda materials to employees.

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11월 생일파티

함께한 1년이 선물같은 우리가 함께하기 위해 모인 오늘 11월 스태프 생일파티, 힘들고 바쁜 나날 속에서 우리는

Konggang Jingkai 지구 화재 인식의 달

올해 11월 9일은 중국의 31번째 화재 예방의 날, 11월 8일 아침, 공항 경제 개발구(Shuofang Street) 합동 Xinwu 지구 소방대가 Maxicorin 공원으로 진입했습니다.

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